Röhrli: Pipe your Files via Web


You want to copy some file from you're box to another. Shoot! There's not direct scp connection between the boxes. Or it's cumbersome to get from one machine to another.


Use Röhrli! Pipe your file via the web to another machine. You don't even need to install anything! CURL is enough!

Using with CURL

cURL guide:

    - Shows this help text. (or web page in a browser)
        curl https://rohrli.gamlor.info
    - Pipe a file to röhrli. It will respond with an URL:
        cat my-file | curl -N --data-binary @- https://rohrli.gamlor.info
    - Gzip if needed:
        cat my-file | gzip | curl -N --data-binary @- {service-url}
    - The request will give you an URL. Then read from it on another place:
        curl {the-url-returned} > my-file

Using Browser


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